Tridentis was awarded a five-year, $13 million contract supporting Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Naval Intermediate Facility, Pacific Northwest.  This contract is not a small business set-aside but was a full and open competition. Originally established in 1891 as a Naval Station, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard has built and serviced our nation’s vital naval assets through two world wars and several conflicts, many technological changes, as well as fluctuations in our nation’s economy. On May 15, 2003, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Naval Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Pacific Northwest (located at Bangor, Bremerton and Everett, WA) consolidated into one maintenance activity, creating “Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility” (PSNS and IMF). PSNS and IMF is the Pacific Northwest’s largest Naval shore facility and one of Washington State’s largest industrial installations. PSNS and IMF has work in Bremerton, WA (Naval Base Kitsap – Bremerton); Silverdale, WA (Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor); Everett, WA (Naval Station Everett); San Diego, CA (Naval Air Station North Island); Yokosuka, Japan and Guam. As the largest shore facility with work assignments throughout the world, PSNS and IMF has a need for marine design and engineering services throughout the various codes and facilities of the organization.


Under this contract, Tridentis will provide marine design and engineering services and will provide comprehensive services for all current and former U.S. Naval vessels, ships, craft and boats in the areas of naval architecture, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, electronics, industrial, and environmental engineering. The work will include planning and estimating, engineering designs and calculations, technical research, troubleshooting and failure mode analysis, assessments and inspections, oversight and technical support of industrial work, training, and detailed reporting based on engineering studies and analysis relating to marine vessels and equipment (including cranes, caissons and similar equipment used to support ship repairs, overhaul and dismantling). We will also be performing both 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) drafting and modeling, and technical document preparation, and reproduction.


This contract allows us to increase our capabilities, capacity and open an office in the Bremerton WA area.  We look forward to supporting another one our country’s vital naval assets!

"Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Naval Intermediate Facility" - By David Jochum - - No Comments