Port Security & Emergency Response with the Autonomous Coastal Monitor

 Tridentis  LLC, is pleased to announce that it was awarded a grant from the Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC.  The exercise will be supported also be supported by the Virginia Public Safety Innovation Center at VIPC,  the Virginia Institute of Spaceflight and Autonomy (VISA), and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) to demonstrate our Advanced Coastal Monitor (ACM 3), an autonomous surface vehicle, in the Hampton Roads area.

As mentioned in the press announcement last week from VIPC, “Technology advancements continue to prove that unmanned systems are useful tools for public safety operations,” Shawn Talmadge, the State Coordinator of Emergency Management at VDEM, said. “The Port of Virginia and the surrounding area in Hampton Roads are integral to international trade as well as Virginia’s economy. It’s critical to identify the latest innovations to protect these vital assets.”

This grant will allow Tridentis to demonstrate the ACM 3’s ability to quickly respond to natural disasters, port emergencies, and harbor security issues.  “We intend to show how the ACM 3 can, after a hurricane, quickly survey key navigation channels to validate the positions of Aids to Navigation while simultaneously surveying for hazards to navigation and/or shoaling allowing for commercial shipping to quickly resume operations.  This will provide tremendous economic benefit for the Commonwealth and our country”, Said Tridentis President & Founder David Jochum.


After swapping sensors, Tridentis will then demonstrate how the ACM 3 can map the extent of oil or other chemical spills in the waterway to support effective containment and cleanup efforts.

Finally, the system will demonstrate how the persistence of the ACM 3 allows for effective 24/7 monitoring of the harbor facilities for surface and sub-surface intrusions.  This provides much-needed security for our nation’s ports and harbors.

We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our technology to the Hampton Roads maritime community and support the economic and defense-related infrastructure therein.

For more information on how the ACM can support your mission, please contact us at info@tridentis.com www.Tridentis.com

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