USCG Eagle and USS Constitution

Your project is extremely important and places a heavy burden on your staff. Because of this, you demand a project engineering staff that has the technical background necessary to understand all of the issues and constraints of your program, in addition to the organizational skills and oversight that will make your project successful. We have provided our project management expertise to the government and private industry, while helping both of these groups adjust to reach their goals. Our philosophy of providing our engineering staff with the latest technology and software will allow your program to succeed even when most of the work is done on the road.

Every engineering program is more than just facts and figures, drawing and calculations.  Engineering is about people working together as a team.  Tridentis has brought entire teams together, from project engineers, technical experts, and principal stakeholders to design partners and key supply vendors.  Through improved communications and a unified strategic management vision, Tridentis can reduce downtime and errors, ensuring that you meet every critical deadline with time to spare.

Whether it is facilitating key events, performing knowledge management tasks, coordinating drawing records, tracking program metrics, or expanding cross-team participation, Tridentis has what it takes to make your team stronger... together.