Tridentis has a Prime IDIQ contract (N00033-13-D-8032) to provide marine engineering, naval architecture, electrical, and electronics engineering to the Military Sealift Command (MSC) Engineering Directorate.  The MSC Engineering Directorate has five divisions: N71 (Maintenance Management), N72 (Technical Division), N73 (Policy and Regulatory Compliance), N74 (Fleet Recapitalization), and N75 (Field Activity). Tridentis can provide the following services to all five divisions within the Engineering Directorate:

Marine and Mechanical Engineering.

  1. Fluid systems design and analysis
  2. Main propulsion system analysis - diesel, steam, and gas turbine
  3. Auxiliary systems analysis
  4. HVAC system analysis and calculations
  5. Control and instrumentation systems analysis
  6. Monitoring systems analysis
  7. Deck machinery analysis

Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

  1. Power quality and demand metering
  2. Control and monitoring systems (electrical and electronic)
  3. Interior Communications (IC) and Alarms
  4. Navigation systems
  5. Hull machinery (electrical)
  6. Lighting
  7. Communications
  8. Other specialized electrical and electronic engineering functions

Naval Architecture.

  1. Structural design and analysis
  2. Cargo handling and lifesaving systems
  3. Weight and moment reports and calculations
  4. Stability calculations
  5. Inclining experiment calculations
  6. Hydrostatics
  7. Intact and damage stability
  8. Arrangements (hull and deck) and Outfittings
  9. Other specialized naval architecture functions

Engineering Specialists.

  1. Drydock certification inspections and studies
  2. Welding procedural studies and inspections
  3. Metallurgical analysis of shipboard piping, structure and materials
  4. Environmental impact studies related to shipbuilding and ship repair materials and procedures
  5. Painting inspections and studies related to ship repair and construction
  6. Forensic engineering and failure analyses; familiarity with the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process
  7. AutoCAD
  8. Market Surveys
  9. Equipment Selection
  10. Port Engineering Services

Task orders on this contract are issued on a firm fixed price basis only.  For more information on the services we can provide or the process for executing task orders under this contract, please contact David Jochum, <a href=""></a> P: 571.243.0870