[one-third last=false][title]Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering[/title][p]Our employees are experienced working on a wide array of ship designs including everything from large surface combatants to high speed craft. These ship programs have included a variety of work from feasibility design to details design and construction.[/p][button url=”https://www.tridentis.com/capabilities/naval-architecture-marine-engineering/” target=”_self” color=”green” size=”small”]More[/button][/one-third]

[one-third last=false][title]Structural Engineering[/title][p]Tridentis engineers have the structural engineering expertise and tools necessary to provide engineering solutions for all phases of structural design.[/p] [button url=”https://www.tridentis.com/capabilities/structural-engineering/” target=”_self” color=”green” size=”small”]More[/button][/one-third]

[one-third last=true][title]Logistics[/title][p]Tridentis provides Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and management support functions across a variety of programs and projects. [/p] [button url=”https://www.tridentis.com/capabilities/logistics/” target=”_self” color=”green” size=”small”]More[/button][/one-third]


[one-third last=false][title]Program Management[/title][p]Your project is extremely important and places a heavy burden on your staff. Because of this, you demand a project engineering staff that has the technical background necessary to understand all of the issues and constraints of your program, in addition to the organizational skills and oversight that will make your project successful.[/p][button url=”https://www.tridentis.com/capabilities/program-management/” target=”_self” color=”green” size=”small”]More[/button][/one-third]

[one-third last=true][title]Design Tools[/title][p]Nothing makes a difficult task easier than using the right tool for the job.  Tridentis has the experience to confidently select the right tool from the box.[/p][button url=”https://www.tridentis.com/capabilities/design-tools/” target=”_self” color=”green” size=”small”]More[/button][/one-third]